I began painting miniatures a few years ago when I was snowed in for three weeks, in the Gorge where I live, in a house that I built with my partner. I was surprised by how big the spaces got and how my interest was held. I was even more surprised at how it felt to have ten of them. When I had painted one hundred of them I knew that something was happening. I have continued. I set a goal of 1000 for this show. I am now up to 1116 in my possession. That does not count the ones that I have sold, gifted, lost or the one that my friend found on the street outside his office one day on the sidewalk. Someone had stolen it and then lost it. These paintings are like little animals dissected, ground score fruit, honeycomb from my hives, naps. I am seeking them out and to finish one is to kill it and make it ready for consuming. “YOU” signifies not me, but does it really mean you? And what is “not me”? What is being hunted? I ask you to repeat you in your head fifty times and see how that makes you feel. You you you you you you you you you you you you……… Is it a chant, a cry of an animal, or the sound of something whizzing by your head? Close your eyes and feel it. What do you see? I see what I paint. I paint what I see. I paint you.

Theodore Holdt