I shoot photographs because they are a window through which I see the truth of the world. I shoot photographs because they are more honest than any other art form I know. I shoot photographs because at their best they allow me to express my deepest inner-workings without the clutter of the written word. In my past I\'ve seen darkness and found that my camera was my only friend. I\'ve felt unimaginable loneliness and sadness whilst carrying that camera and have been able to emerge from those shadows intact, largely because I had a means to document the pain.

I spent the years of 2010, 2011 and most of 2012 recovering from a series of head traumas and neck injuries- injuries which prevented me from doing the things I\'d always loved. Being no longer able to think clearly or to live a normal lifestyle, photography filled many of the voids which had opened in my existence. I taught myself how to use a camera and commenced documenting everything I saw which didn\'t involved a human face, all of which at that point alternated between flashing before me in either technicolor or black and white. I poured my loneliness and my sadness into those moments, and as I gradually learned that I would recover my photographic vision also changed. Today I continue to take photographs because they express my deepest emotional self thus I\'m not interested in the disaffected or staged. I use photography to explore my deepest motivations and thankfully I continue to be entirely in love with the power of the captured image.

My photos were not taken flippantly or for their aesthetic. These are moments which spoke to my deepest emotional self, and they are the most intimate thing I could imagine displaying in public. I hope that they speak to you similarly, for I\'m not interested in cataloging the mundane or the disaffected. In the future I may want to see your sorrow, pain, beauty and joy, however today I want to show you mine.

Nile Hagen