Before moving to Portland in 2006, I was born, raised, and educated in California. Besides being a painter, I am also a landscape designer. My full name took me a long time to learn and is very long: Sayed-Mohamad-Azad Mehdi Madjd-Sadjadi.


I find joy, struggle, obsession, frustration, and contentedness in creating art. I started out making abstract expressionistic paintings, but have since then broadened my pallet by painting more realistic objects and people. I enjoy the process and benefits of both styles. When creating expressionistic paintings I can quickly get my thoughts onto the canvas in a cathartic flurry. When creating more realistic images I need to rely heavily on patience and technique in a draftsman-like process that can be quit calming.

In order to tell the \"story\" of the painting I rely on color theory and my education in landscape architecture. Many times when laying out a painting I will go back to what I have learned in designing landscapes. One of the main learned methods I apply is using primary, secondary, and tertiary objects or themes. Their layout and interaction helps create hierarchy and proper balance within the paintings.

Azad Sadjadi