William Chad Willsie is a graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a bachelor degree in drawing. His body of work began as an investigation in medias use of deploying utopian like narratives and detached expression to sell consumer goods. Media images where then used in the context of painting to confront the audience with the alien yet seductive nature of the \"hyper-real\". His work has since progressed into culturally and socially charged images, which encompasses the audience into the narrative world of the \"hyper-real\".

William Chad Willsie works largely in oil on canvas. He is inspired by such artist as Ron English, Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, and Richard Phillips.

William Chad Willsie belongs to a generation of young painters labelled as \"The Young Villains\". The reference is to a generation of artist who hover stylistically between post-impressionism and post-expressionism, with the odd excursion into the field of photo realism. This duality is explored with the incursion into reality of the media and its transformation into a painted reality. The \"Villain\" will stop at nothing: according to the rules of postmodernism, all materials are of equal value, appropriable and transformable. His motifs are consequently drawn from various sources: magazines, internet and from the world of art, where the \"young Villains\" method is not at all unusual; after all it was developed by the \"old villain\" Andy Warhol.

William Chad Willsie is currently represented the Graeter Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon, USA and at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

His artwork has been exhibited at the following galleries

Graeter Art Gallery — Portland, Oregon, USA

The Gallery — Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ayden Gallery — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

ArtLife Gallery — Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Art Central — Calgary, Alberta, Canada

William Chad’s Artwork is featured on bottles of The Art of Wine’s 2007 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Close-up shots of his artwork have been featured on episode 11 (“Tarantella”) of NBC’s hit television series Grimm.

William Chad Willsie