Artist Statement

Complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty, incompletion, and imperfection are conditions our mediated culture assiduously pressures us to avoid. Yet, it is within these neglected realms that we are most alive—raw, jangled, and vulnerable, but alive nonetheless. My work is an acknowledgment of the in-between spaces and their fundamental role in the human experience.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Call & Response, CODA Gallery, Portland, OR, March, 2011
  • Portland Love Show, Gallery Homeland, Portland, OR, Feb., 2011
  • You Are Here, Roos Arts, Rosendale, NY, Oct. – Nov., 2010
  • Abstractedly Yours, Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY, Sept. – Oct., 2010
  • Habitat for Artists II: VT Edition, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT, Aug. – Oct., 2010
  • Complex_Simplex Solo Show, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT, June – July, 2010
  • What Matters Most?, Exit Art Underground, NYC, April, 2010
  • Recycling the Studio, WorkSpaceHarlem, NYC, March – April, 2010
  • Postcards from the Edge, ZieherSmith, NYC, January, 2010
  • The Relentless Eye: Global Cell Phone Photography 2009, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT, Aug. – Nov. 2009
  • 10x10, Inliquid, Philadelphia, PA, October 2009
  • Down to Earth: Artists Create Edible Landscapes, The Schuylkill Center, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. – Nov. 2009
  • Complex_Simplex (Solo), Spire Studios, Beacon, NY, June 2009
  • Simon Draper and the Habitat for Artists Collective, ecoartspace, NYC, March 2009
  • In Between, Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY, March 2009
  • Van Brunt Gallery @ Moxie, Moxie, Beacon, NY, January-March 2009
  • Simon Draper with Habitat for Artists, Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY, January-February 2009
  • COTA, Habitat for Artists Installation, New Paltz, NY, September 2008
  • Crit 3, The Gallery, Spencertown Academy Arts Center, Spencertown, NY August 2008
  • MFA Thesis Exhibition, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY, May 2008
  • CAA New York Area MFA Exhibition, Hunter College, Times Square Gallery, NYC, February – March 2007
  • State University of New York Spring 2007 Art Exhibition, SUNY Plaza Gallery, Albany, NY, February – May 2007


  • SUNY New Paltz, MFA, Painting and Drawing,  2006-2008
  • School of Visual Arts, New York, 2005 Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR, 2003
  • Arcadia University, BA, Science Illustration, Glenside, PA, 1990-1994

Awards & Grants

  • Research and Creative Project Award, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY, 2008
  • Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant Nominee, 2008

Todd Sargood