Growing up in Salem, Oregon I felt I had one of two options: rise outward or sink within. Even as a young child, the profound tragic of a city toiling with the largest mental health hub in the state, impartial school budgeting, and the institutional labyrinth of government administration buildings affected my sense of what could only be possible outside of it. Attending Mckinley elementary, there were educators who recognized my need for creative outlet, recommending to my already knowing parents to keep me in extended education art classes. I travel on a regular basis to places as aesthetically different as possible to kick start my design conscious every year or so. Between Asia, Europe and Latin America, I tried unsuccessfully to attend art school in curiosity of a future in graphic design. In the past two years my works have been featured in over thirty exhibitions, solo and group. Between Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas, I find myself trying to carve a space in this rising scene of graphic artists turn fine artists, print makers turn revolutionaries and silly plastic monster creatures that define corporate cutting edge. I currently reside in Oakland, California and am committed to evolving, perfecting and marketing my work.

These paintings are all concoctions of past and present experiences traveling, collages of traditional cultures merged with modern symbolism. They reflect deeply into the music and subcultures I’ve grown into: Hip Hop, Punk, Electronic, Dub and Jazz. Sumi as taught to me by old Mr. Chu when I was six, Energy auras taught to me by my mother, relentless movement forward in “something, anything, whatever it is you wanna do” drilled by my father. These paintings: metaphors of my family, a group traditional; torn but also brought together by this culture clash existence that the United States ferments in. A cloud of uncertain passion that my relatives, past away and present close guide me through. These paintings are about prolonged night time exposures of taillights smashing north and south along the I-5 and I-70 corridors, Train stations of ancient European architecture and the bullets that slow from 200 mph to stop in them. In short, these are a veritable mix of tradition and technology, the speed of the human spirit and the life of color.

Aden Catalani